Why Do We Buy?

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Think of the last thing you have purchased (Go ahead I'll wait...) Got it? Ok good. Now, why did you buy it? Some of you may say that you purchased it out of necessity, or it was just something you wanted, or you may not have any reason at all for purchasing this item. So Why Do We Buy?

As a marketer you need to be able to persuade someone to buy your product or service. This is the nature of the business, but to do that you have to understand why people make purchases. There are numerous books out there discussing consumers buying habits and the psychology of consumers. Honestly those books tend to bore me.

For me I tend to lump things into 3 reasons why we buy things. You can disagree with me, which most of you prolly will and if you do I'll just choose not to talk to you anymore ... Nah not really I just won't send you a Christmas card until you apologize!

I believe we buy things because of 3 simple reasons 1) Necessity 2) Desire 3) Just Because (which is kind of a misc. reason and we can lump everything else into this 'category')


We buy things all the time out of necessity. Now necessity is a self defined term. There are different levels of necessity and if you want to get into a debate on what is necessary for living then this is not the place. What I mean by necessity is something that is essential for you to get through everyday life. Like I said one thing might be essential for someone and not for another that argument is not taking place here.


We also buy things out of desire or want. Think about it, you prolly bought that amazing piece of technology known as the iPhone because you wanted it. Not because it was a necessity right? That's I thought ... Desire is a very powerful reason to buy something and it's because of that desire that there are so many different products available in the world. If there wasn't a desire to buy most of this useless crap then it never would have been invented.

Just Because

This category is for everything else. Things that you don't need or necessarily desire you just bought them just because. Most impulse purchases are Just Because purchases. Think about it when you're standing in the checkout line at the grocery store and you see the latest tabloid or candy you buy it just because. Some may say this is desire, but I tend to disagree.

So how do you market online to people with these buying habits?

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Why Do We Buy?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31