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Butterflies are lovely creatures and almost everyone like these creatures. Nowadays butterflies species are becoming extinct due to the pollution and deforestation. Taking this into consideration, there are butterfly farms on the rise now. At these farms, butterflies live, breed, and grow. There are various uses for these butterflies grown on the farms. They can be used for ornamental and decorative purposes, for gardening, studies, and even as a high revenue generating business. The butterflies can be bought by placing orders. The order must specify the address of delivery, number of butterflies, species, and date of delivery.


There are a lot of people who buy butterflies. If you are wondering why a normal person would buy butterflies, there are many answers. People may have gardens. But it may become lively only when a few butterflies flutter here and there in it. So, certain people buy butterflies to add life to their gardens. The butterflies will wander over the plants and make it their home, if they find their needs fulfilled. To make them stay in the garden for long, one can install a butterfly house as well. The house will serve as a shelter for the creatures.


Releasing butterflies during events have also become popular. It can be a wedding, anniversary, or even a girl's party. All the butterflies fluttering here and there will add to the beauty of the program. Live release of butterflies during weddings is becoming very common nowadays. For this, the order must be made in advance stating the date, number, and address. As it is for the releasing purpose, the butterflies come in individual release boxes. Usually the Monarch species of the butterflies are used to the releases.


When you buy butterflies from a physical store, take special attention to the packing. The creatures are delicate. You must handle the package carefully, so as not to hurt them. When you order it online, the company will ship the butterflies in special containers to your address. These containers are cool, provide for air circulation, and must be handled with care. When arrived, the butterflies will be calm as the boxes are dark and cool. Once you keep the boxes out in the sunlight, the butterflies start becoming active. If you plan to grow the butterflies in your garden, see if the order is correct. Also check if the butterflies are in a good condition. Otherwise you can contact the store for any instructions.


The number of people buying butterflies is increasing. Most of them buy it for leaving them in the garden and provide butterfly houses for them, while others buy them for release events. Variety of butterflies is used for the purpose. The prices of the butterflies differ depending on the species. And there will be shipping charges or other transportation charges involved when they are delivered to your doorstep.


Buying butterfly from an online store or farm is easier than running around and catching them in the wild.

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Think Before You Buy Butterfly

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This article was published on 2010/09/08