Terrapins - How to Look After

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Terrapins, the small cute reptiles, are considered as a soft and timid creature. In case you are thinking of buying one to keep as a pet, then a sound knowledge about it should be considered prior to your purchase. These include their varieties, habit and habitat, pattern of food intake, mating rituals, hibernating process, common diseases etc. In short, terrapin petting demands extensive research work.  

Ready to buy your first terrapin? Don't be whimsical or never just try to imitate someone else. Terrapin petting is not as easy as it seems. Your love and affection is the key to their well being and long life (approximately 30 years) in captivity!  

Buying the right kind:  

  • Buy from a good and well known pet store of your locality. Learn how to handle it. Seek a few tips on terrapin petting from them. 
  • Want to buy online? Go for it! Select the best website to buy and collect your terrapin safely. Beware of getting cheated.
  • Buy a healthy hatchling from a reliable breeder.
  • Consult a good veterinary doctor to learn more about your terrapin.
  • Buy the right kind of terrapin and all other necessary accessories.
  • Buy hardy or semi-hardy species. Semi aquatic terrapins are good pets.
  • Map terrapin, Red eared sliders and yellow bellied terrapins can be good pets.
  • Take utmost care for the tiny-weeny hatchlings. Initially they are small but can grow fast.
  • Find a sun-lit place for the terrarium.
  • Get a terrarium fitted with water filter, thermostatic heater, thermometer, UV light and basking area (the place on which they sit to dry up).
  • Ideal size of the baby-terrarium is - 3′ x 1′x 1′ (For two).
  • Water level should be moderate.
  • 24º - 26º C temperature of water is ideal for hatchlings

You will need:-

  1. A water filter, siphon and net to keep the water clean.
  2. UV light, fluorescent lamp and a thermometer.
  3. Logs, pebbles and a rocky, elevated basking area inside the tank.
  4. Give balanced food; Combine meat, vegetables and nutritional supplements.

A few more tips to consider:

  • Handle carefully. A fall can kill or injure it. 
  • Take care to stay away from Salmonella infection. A child below five years should not handle a terrapin.

Your love and care can only keep these endangered creatures happy and healthy. 

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Terrapins - How to Look After

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This article was published on 2010/04/02