Beautify Your Corvette

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There are several ways to beautify your Corvette. You could of course spend some time on its shampooing and waxing and all you need to do is to invest in some good detail kit that comes with its own caddy and an assortment of polish, wax, sealant, smart gel and fiber applicator, besides tire dressing applicator and micro fiber wash mitt. You would also need a wheel brush and a master blaster along with a super foaming gun and cleaners and conditioners not only for the outer body including the tire, rubber and trim but for the glass and the leatherwear as well. The other smart thing to do is to get the right Corvette accessories. These could be the dash kits, the floor mats, miscellaneous interior accessories, new seat covers, items for the security, shifters and shift knobs and sill protectors.

For doing up the interior, order some C5 Corvette accessories. If you want to show off your Corvette without worrying about people getting into the car, you could go for the door show prop bar of which you could buy two, one each for the driver seat and the passenger seat. Buy a smart center console cover. Go for the hood liner chrome fastener kit that comes in 15 pc. It's a great way to cover all the exposed factory screws on your hood liner. These are easy to remove and install. Similarly, you could buy a set of buttons in chrome for the exposed screws in the engine compartment, door jams and trunk areas. Order a smart cool shade and the coupe headliner blackout. For those drives with your buddy, buy the dual cup holder!

Get ready to spruce up your C6. Buy some really cool C6 Corvette accessories such as the passenger door window button polished trim and an ashtray door in aluminum and the ignition switch that's custom painted. You could also get new Corvette billet radio, air conditioner and navigation knobs. Order some gauge bezels in chrome as well as the center console in carbon fiber. A dash kit colored in carbon fiber and the custom painted ignition switch would complete the picture.

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Beautify Your Corvette

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This article was published on 2011/01/05