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The New Years and Christmas holidays have come and gone leaving behind warm family memories and a cold bank account. Getting back to work and daily routine will make you feel tired and uninterested in keeping up with your image.

But you do not have to worry because there are some easy and effortless steps that will give you the pleasure of pampering yourself while having time to care for the family.

Wardrobe with character
As a mother what you need the most is time. Time for your kids, time for your husband, time for work, time for yourself. Do not underestimate the importance of taking care of your self. Think about the clothing that makes you feel comfortable, matches your body type, makes you feel beautiful and can be used in more than one occasions.
Buy the same type of clothing in alternate shapes and colours. Do not think too much about the quantity, aim for the quality. A long lasting wardrobe will benefit you. Playing with the kids can take a toll towards clothing. Try to be objective and instead of buying the cheap plimsolls, look on the internet for sales on quality products. Use the same principle for all your outfits and this will definitely save you time and money.

Getting ready in the morning
What can be more annoying than having to wake up extra early in the morning in order to get ready in time? A lot of mothers, feeling that looking good is not important, give up on trying to look good. And it is understandable because if you have no time you set priorities. But you can still look good in no time. Cut your hair in a way that will not require certain styling and will match your face shape and hair type. Use the essentials of your make up kit like powder/foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Do not buy a lot of different colours, try to buy one palette of eye shadows that will match your colour palette of your wardrobe; and a lipstick that will suit your skin complexion. This will save up on your money and the time consuming process of “picking out what to wear today?!”.

Home spa
A good way for looking good is relaxing. Through the chaos of everyday life, make some tiny room for calming down and just letting your self take a break. When having a bath light scented candles, put music on, do a ten minute face mask and use a loofa sponge. This does not have to take more than half an hour, which will be enough to rejuvenate you and give you the energy to go on. And why not share those times with your husband? Buy bargain sets of oils and aromatherapy products that you can use with your man.

We hope mums will find those steps helpful and will try them out!

If so, please send us your feedback and more suggestions!

After all, we ♥ pampering!

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Be Stylish For Less!

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This article was published on 2012/02/10